New season, new styles

As summer fades away and fall inches in, I’ve been trying new styles and new materials. I’m really into using gun metal plated brass for the earring components like the hooks and the wrapped metal you see just above the top red bead in the photo below. I love its dark, smoky look. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it really adds a new feel to my pieces. I think it ages them, in a good way.

I’ve also tried a few of these super dangly earrings. I’m not actually sure quite what to call them, which makes it tricky to tag them in my Etsy shop. They are almost what are called chandelier earrings, but not quite. Anyway, I like them and need to look for more beads from which I can hang new color combinations. This pair below was my first try in this new style. I also made this pair, using moonstone.

I also tried one pair using wire as the component that hangs from the earring hook instead of head pins. They don’t look too different, but can be much longer than the standard two-inch head pins, and they are lighter and more flexible. I also don’t usually use beads like the one at the bottom of this pair, but found two laying around and decided to upcycle them into something new.


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